Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cisco Stream Manager vs. Cisco Video Surveillance Manager

As many of you know, Cisco acquired two companies, first Sypixx, then Broadware and have been Cisco-izing those products over the past couple of years. The acquisition of Sypixx was made due to its video matrix integration capabilities and market appeal. Broadware, because of its integration with many product lines such as Axis, Panasonic, and Bosch, to name a few. As well, Broadware (now VSM) has the framework for what Cisco stands for in their quest for network domination, where Sypixx (now Stream Manager) was really built to be a hybrid support of Analog systems with the capability to migrate to an IP system.

In talking to members of the Cisco teams, we know there is a merged environment coming soon (codenamed Viper) that will merge the two product sets into what I consider an unstoppable product. They are also moving towards H.264 with their newer encoders and cameras.

So, here is a quick list of questions to answer when deciding on which of the current two systems Cisco offers:
1. Do you currently have a Matrix such as a Pelco 9760, 9770, or 9780, Bosch, or AD Megapower?
2. Are 90% or more of your current cameras Analog?
3. Do regulations in your industry require a limited number of connections per recorder?
4. Do you only have one property to secure?

With a handful of other questions to answer, if you answered yes to all of these questions, Stream Manager is likely the right choice. If you answered no to all of the questions, VSM may be the more likely choice.

A few more things to note about the product lines:
  • Stream Manager Client is an application that runs on a PC, VSM is Web-based
  • Both products can run a Virtual Matrix application
  • Both applications can send video to Decoders
  • Stream Manager and VSM have different Supported device matrices (If you already have IP cameras, this may tell you which one is right for you)
  • The Cisco ISR blades are only supported by VSM
  • The Cisco Hybrid Decoder is only supported by Stream Manager (there is a non-hybrid decoder for VSM)
  • Integration with Cisco Physical Access Manager (PAM) is only available with VSM
There are many other things to note between the two systems, but this should help in getting things started with your design. As always, feel free to contact me with your exact specifications for more detail.

If any of you have more details between these products, feel free to comment.

Ryan Peterson

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