Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cisco Medianet ... WOW!!!

WOW! At the 2009 International Security Conference (West) held in Las Vegas, NV, Dennis Charlebois (Cisco PSBU Director) announced Medianet ( A lot of people keep asking the questions “Why would Cisco get into Surveillance? Aren’t they a little late to the game? Don’t they have a long way to go to catch up? What can Cisco provide that others can’t?” All of these are great questions, and the answer is medianet. Medianet is the Cisco story for Video that they already have for Data and Voice. However, Medianet is actually one step up from regular switching that will revolutionize the way people work with Video Surveillance and many other Video technologies in only a way that Cisco can control.

So you’re asking, what is medianet? Imagine a world where you plug a device right out of the box with no configuration, no management, and everything worked exactly as it was designed to. Cisco medianet is an upgrade to their current Cisco switching topologies that adds intelligence to the network for IP video. Medianet provides a policy template manager that enables you to automate the configurations of video surveillance cameras and bind them to the nearest network video recorder with the right IP specifications. This prevents the need for manually assigning IP addresses, VLAN information, default gateway, netmask, and other related IP properties and stream lines the process of adding cameras to a video surveillance management system.

Many people may be wondering about the considerations you need to make with IP cameras over analog cameras. Medianet takes a lot of the guess work out of engineering video surveillance networks and addresses quality of service issues like Best Effort, Expedited Forwarding, Random Early Discharge, DSCP, etc. With the Medianet policy engine you will be able to simply apply templates to your devices in an easy to use format. For example, you can configure traffic from one camera with a higher priority over data traffic and configure another with a different set of priorities. Templates automate the switch configurations to ensure a high degree of service quality.

Medianet is an emerging technology solution slated for release in 2010. Medianet promises to deliver benefits to video surveillance architects that are unheard of in the surveillance industry today.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    Seems very interesting - has the potential to significantly reduce deployment complexity.

    I will be curious to see the cost structure and how much Cisco networking equipment will be required.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. MediaNet dates back several years. I believe originally intended towards set-top devices. It's odd that Cisco hasn't exploited this soft spot in video surveillance with a more focused effort. Possibly they're too big and slow, are casting too wide of a net, or are just being steadily methodical in their world domination.

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