Friday, April 10, 2009

Cisco Stream Manager Plans...

Cisco Stream Manager has been the topic of many conversations. I have asked key Cisco Executives the question many others are asking - Now that Cisco VSM is out and being upgraded, advanced, and improved, what is the longevity of Stream Manager?

You may find the answer to your liking, Cisco is working on a converged product of the two enterprise solutions. With Cisco Stream Manager being the matrix integrated solution and Cisco VSM being the web-based distributed environment solution, the new product will combine the features of both solutions and finally put an end to customer concerns about the viability of Stream Manager and future enhancements. The Stream Manager thick client will go away and the Cisco ActiveX web-based GUI will take over as the primary video interface for both products.

So the next question you may be pondering about may deal with backwards compatibility. We’ve been assured that most of the current products will be upgradeable, with some minor inconveniences. For example, some of the older Stream Manager equipment doesn’t support H.264 video compression and may not scale beyond a couple of High Definition streams. If we were able to share some of the features being put into the converged system, you would all be very excited about what the future holds with the converged platform currently codenamed Viper!

Stay tuned...


  1. Any idea on when we can expect to see the new application.

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  3. Beta is slated for Sept 2009, GA is slated for early 2010...

  4. So does this mean media server is going to run on the integrated services platform replacing stream manager.

    Also, found it curious that under the media server user guide the .smd archive format has been included in the 5.0 release of media server.